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Denise Crosby visits Chabot Gay Straight Alliance Chabot Football wins Classic Game in Overtime Growing Fast Wages Chabot library gets $7.5 million makeover Chabot celebrates Dia de los Muertos

Denise Crosby visits Chabot

There are many famous people who have come back to Chabot for one reason or another. However, one of Chabot’s favorite people is Denise Crosby or you may know her as Lieutenant Natasha Yar of Star Trek. Mrs. Crosby explained many topics ranging from what it was like to be on such an iconic show […]


Gay Straight Alliance

On November 12th, 2015 Chabot College’s own Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) met the members of the Facilities and Sustainability Committee in room 1613. The members from the committee began the meeting by addressing the current building projects, students getting tickets for jaywalking, the current school budget, and GSA’s proposal.   GSA’s proposal was to the […]

Sac City 6

Chabot Football wins Classic Game in Overtime

Chabot (#5) and Modesto (#2) played one of the best football games of the season as these two heavyweights likely played the conference title game. Billed by the conference as the game of the week, this is the toughest game of the season for Chabot as they easily played their most talented opponent.   Modesto […]

On Dec. 4, 2014, protesters marched from Fruitvale Bart Station to a neaighboring McDonalds as protested mobbedthe inside, expressing their feelings on minimum wage. [Staff Photo/Davis Dichoso]

Growing Fast Wages

  OAKLAND, Calif. – On Dec. 4, 2014, demonstrators working in the fast food industry gathered outside the Fruitvale Village in hopes to increase minimum wage in the east bay. Fast food employees gathered with other east bay union employees seeking increase of minimum wage, as other counties have already increased their wages within the […]

The area located under the Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum Center (WRAC) in the Chabot College library in Hayward, Calif. is currently undergoing construction from now until Apr. 15 to create larger study rooms and computer labs.

Chabot library gets $7.5 million makeover

The Chabot College library (Building 100) is finally undergoing a $7.5 million renovation to enhance the facility and create more space for students to study. Students and faculty have been waiting for this change for nearly a decade and anticipate tentative completion in April 2015. The Steinberg Architecture firm, which built the San Jose Civic […]

A child gets her face painted at the Dia De Los Muertos Celebration held at the events center on Oct. 30, 2014.

Chabot celebrates Dia de los Muertos

“We’re trying to share our culture with everybody…” – Patricia Melina Glitter, sugars, candles, bread, and Mariachi music filled the events center as Chabot College celebrated Dia de los Muertos on Thursday, Oct. 30. The event was hosted on behalf of Aspire/Excel, Puente Project, Puente Club, EOPS and Chicano Latino Education Association (CLEA) in order […]

part 2

Has Hunger Games lost its Fire?

20 November 2015

With Spectre coming out two weeks ago as well as The Peanuts Movie the box office saved itself from a poor performance with previous movies. The box office has nothing to worry about with Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 2 and its fan base this week, but should the Hunger Games franchise worry? The first of […]

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Volkswagen Scandal

20 November 2015

Just recently the car company “Volkswagen” became the largest automaker in the world, waving past second-place-Toyota as they raced to the number one position. As everything seemed all smiles, and money for Volkswagen, little did anyone know about the cheating behind this infamous scandal. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that Volkswagen installed special software […]

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Make Your Own Doughnut at Fractured Prune

20 November 2015

The Fractured Prune has made it to California, opening its’ first west coast location in Santa Clara last month. With 19 flavored glazes, 13 toppings, and a whopping 155,648 possible combinations to choose from, the “make it yourself” Fractured Prune doughnut shop stands apart from the competition. But is it worth the hype? Or better […]

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Live From The Gutter: Inspirational Profile

20 November 2015

I have struggled to finish this article. I made many revisions and still can’t seem to present the idea of an inspirational person in the best possible way. Here’s a question I have for readers. What inspires you? A simple question with plenty of answers. Some find inspiration in things like art. Others through their […]

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Liberty in North Korea

20 November 2015

On October 15th the social change organization Liberty in North Korea came to Chabot to talk about their work and inform the public of the situation in North Korea. North Koreans are completely banned from all forms of media other than its own; all Internet access, radio or foreign media is illegal, and being caught […]

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Giving back to the Community

20 November 2015

Imagine walking around campus, and above the cafeteria a door you see a large logo sticker, which reads: “What is KCRH?”. So what is KCRH? KCRH is Chabot College’s very own non-profit radio, and the heart of the Mass Communication Department here on campus. The organization goes above and beyond to give back to the […]

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Community College Ideology

20 November 2015

There seems to be a general consensus about the Community College culture; implications about those who attend them and the colleges in general. Those who go from their Senior years of high school straight to a four-year college are recognized as successful and worthy of many other such titles. But those who make the decision […]

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Chabot Men’s Soccer vs Las Positas

20 November 2015

On October 6th 2015, our men’s soccer team faced an opponent that had not fared well in the standings. Coach Tony Igwe told his players before the game to not underestimate their competitors. In the first half of play, Las Positas came out quick. Chabot’s number nine, Ramon Alcazar, made a great play blocking Las […]

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Artist Clayton Thiel Ceramics

20 November 2015

Artist and sculpture teacher Clayton Thiel is the creative mind behind ceramic masterpieces displayed at this year’s faculty art show. With over 20 years of teaching experience, the nature-themed collection is a summation of both artistic inspiration and evolution. Two series were on display at the faculty art show, The Big Heads series, and The […]

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Movie Review: Spectre

07 November 2015

If there were ever a time in Ian Fleming’s life where he dreamed of a day with mass surveillance ruling the world, then Spectre would have been his next James Bond book. This is the 24th time the secret MI6 agent 007 has been portrayed on film, and the fourth time played by Daniel Craig. […]

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#Icantbreath Chabot students staged a walk out in perspective of the #Ferguson shooting and #Brown #BlackLivesSave #HandsUpDontShoot
Protesters demanded higher wages for fast food employees in the east bay, as they marched down International Blvd in Oakland, Calif. on Dec. 4, 2014. #upthepayeastbay #15 #OccupyOakland #Oakland #Protest #FastFood 
Staff Photo: @theworldofours
Protesters marched down International Blvd in Oakland, Calif. demanding an increase in minimum wage on Dec. 4, 2014. #protest #99percent #Oakland #15
Staff photo: @theworldofours
ASPIRE, CLEA, EOPS/CARE, EXCEL, and The Puente Club put together a festive Dia De Los Muertos celebration to Chabot with face painting, sugar skull decorating, music and MORE! #chabotspectator #diadelosmuertos #dayofthedead
Chabot Colleges, Dia De Los Muertos exhibit celebrating for Oct. 26th. #chabotcollege #diadelosmuertos
Bay Area Filmmaker David Washburn, visited #ChabotCollege show casing three short films on veteran's makings the transition into modern life. #Hayward #Library #Veterans #Filmmakers
Running back coaches Greg Tuyor (left) and Andy Sparano (right) coverse during a 59-29 win over Delta college on Oct. 18, at Gladiator field, Hayward. The Chabot offence generated a school record 480 yards on the ground , the previous record was previously 445 yards in 1990. The Gladiators will travel to  Fresno on Saturday as the number 1 rushing team in the state of California!!!#football #chabot #chabotcollege #instagood #instalikes #photooftheday
The Chabot Gladiators were able to beat the Delta Mustangs 53-29 on Saturda, October 18, 2014, at Gladiator Field, calif. They are now 3-3 and will travel to Fresno on Saturday. Photo by David Andrew Soriano  #Chabot  #chabotcollege #football #nfl #photooftheday #instagood #sports
A short hype video from the football game two weeks ago when Chabot Played Sacramento City, full video can be seen on our you tube Channel TheChabotSpectator. Chabot Football will play in their first confrence game today 7:00 at Gladiator Field.  #chabotcollege #chabot #football #collegefootball
The chabot soccer team celebrates after a 3-2 win over Foothill college on Oct 14, at Hayward, Calif. Kimber Lohman was able to kick a clutch goal in extra time to secure a win for Chabot!
Chabot Women's soccer head coach Markus Bathelt celebrating a 3-2 victory over foothill college on Oct. 14 at Hayward, Calif. Kimber Lohman was able to kick a clutch goal in extra time to secure a win for Chabot! Photo by David Andrew Soriano #chabot #soccer
The Blue Angles did a fly by over the Golden Gate bridge for fleet week on Oct. 11, at San Francisco, Calif. The air show was nearly cancelled due to the fog but the show went on when visibility improved. Photo by David Andrew Soriano #photography #artistic #beastmode #instagood #photooftheday
The Blue Angeles came to San Francisco for fleet week on Oct. 11, at San Francisco, Calif. It is estimated that over 1 million spectators came to watch the air show.  Photo by David Andrew Soriano #blueangels #beast #photography #photooftheday #instagood #like4follow #photo
The 22 AC transit line prepares to turn towards Herperian Bvd on Oct. 10, at Chabot College, Hayward, Calif. The passion and purpose club along with AC transit are trying to pass a transportation initiative so that Chabot students will get discounts for riding the AC transit, this is a preview for our next issue set to be released one day earlier on Wednesday October 15. Photo by David Andrew Soriano #chabot #actransit #hayward #bus #instagood
A ferris wheel illuminates the sky above southland mall on Oct. 10, at Hayward, Calif. Will you go to the Carnival before it disappeaers?  Photo by David Andrew Soriano using slow shutter techniques. #carnival #Hayward #chabot #southland
The new exhibit Song & Sorrows for #OMCA Oakland Museum of California features artist Jesse Hernandez curating works for the 20th anniversary of Dias De Los Muertos, in Oakland Calif. #graffiti #art
Over the weekend Chabot Football lost a though game  52-49 against Sacramento City, within the last 17 seconds on 3rd and Goal from the 25 quarterback Jason Samuels (not pictured) of Sacramento city hit Jason samuels (11) for the touchdown on Oct. 4, at Sacramento, Calif. The gladiators will enter their bye week 2-3 and then will face Delta at home. #chabot #football #tagsforlikes #instafollow
New issue out today, first time in the spectators history that volleyball got front page. Also articles on student life director Arnold Paguio, Christine pelosi, opinion piece on the NFL as well as many more!!! Find the yellow bins around campus to get your copy!! #chabot #chabotcollege

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