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Off The Grid

Matt Cohen, owner and operator of Off The Grid got his inspiration from teaching abroad in Japan. After graduating from Emory University in Colorado, Cohen sought out explore and travel. So Cohen saw Japan as an opportunity to do so. During his time there, Cohen ran into plenty of Asian night markets. These locations had […]


KCRH Food Drive

On Sept. 19, 2016 KCRH will be starting their annual canned food drive. Reid Alexander also known as “Big Reid”, who is the Operation Supervisor of KCRH is the one who started the canned food drive more than five years ago. Over the last five years the canned food drive has grown since it first […]


Special Programs At Chabot

Dreamers  Chabot Dreamers is an academic program that provides safe, and supportive educational assistance to undocumented students who want an education. Dreamers helps students get access to counseling, educational workshops, financial aid and other support. This particular program teams up with Puente Project, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS), Daraja and Hayward Promise Neighborhood (HPN). 2. Daraja […]


Chabot Gladiator Football Preview

The Chabot College football season started last Saturday, September 3rd on the road in Weed, CA. With the fall semester starting up a few weeks ago, it is that time again to come out to the Chabot College Football field and support your Gladiators this 2016 season. “We are looking forward to a successful season, like we […]


Parking On Campus

The start of a new semester also signals the beginning of the parking wars. The key to victory is not dependant on the number of spots, but in timing. According to campus safety officer Nate Moore, “Students have 2072 parking spaces on campus in Parking Lots B, E, G and J. The Faculty Staff have […]


El Niño

El Nino is a weather event that occurs every two to seven years, bringing changes to the weather around the world, such as heavy rain, winds, and warmer ocean surface temperatures. Residents of California and the Bay Area have seen the effects of El Nino firsthand. Parts of the Bay Area and the Sierras have […]

Chabot’s Women’s Volleyball vs Skyline

14 October 2016

Chabot Women’s Volleyball played this past Wednesday the 21st here in Hayward, CA, against the Skyline Trojans 3-1. The lady Gladiators season is not currently going they way they would like with a 1-5 record, but they look to bounce back in their next game on the road. Chabot’s next game is next Wednesday September […]

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Chabot Soccer Remains Undefeated

14 October 2016

On Friday, September 16, the Chabot College men’s soccer team took on Merritt College at a 4pm home game. Chabot has started off hot this year as they are currently undefeated and add another win over Merritt College to their impressive young season. The score was officially entered as 2-0 win for the Gladiators. The […]

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Chabot Football Loses to Butte College

14 October 2016

The Chabot College Football continues there losing streak last Saturday night as they got routed by the Butte College Roadrunners 20-10. With this win, the Roadrunners move to 2-1, and the lost pushes the Gladiators to 0-3. Chabot’s first score came from the foot of sophomore Ivan Flores (89) who kicked a 40 yard field […]

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Student Senate of Chabot College

11 October 2016

The Student Senate of Chabot College serve as the representatives for the entire student body here at Chabot. The Senate consists of 16 standing members, five of which are student representatives. The Student Senate is our largest unanimous voice throughout the college, set up to form a unity between the student body and the school […]

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Star Wars Books

11 October 2016

The Best of the “New” Star Wars Expanded Universe By Sean Stewart Yeah, it’s a year later and many people like myself are still talking about Star Wars. However, Star Wars didn’t come back in its entirety. The former “Expanded Universe” now renamed “Legends” are now what the new name suggests; legends that didn’t really […]

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EOPS & Care Program

11 October 2016

The Program EOPS is available to students for guidance and assistance towards their students educational goals. A program in which directs their service to individuals whose educational and social economic backgrounds might otherwise prevent them from succeeding in college. EOPS provides; priority registration, counseling, transfer preparation, financial assistance, and open workshops. All these services will […]

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High Scores Arcade

11 October 2016

  High Scores is an arcade museum that collects the vast history of 80s classic video games. The retro throwback is great for those who want to experience the days when arcades were on every corner. High Scores restores and lets the public view and play a wide array of classic video games.  From Tetris […]

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Lifestyle: Organization Tips

23 September 2016

As a college student it is hard to stay organized during the school year. Here are the some tips  to stay organized during this school year.    Flashcards: If you have an exam coming up Flashcards will really help you out when it comes to studying vocabulary words, math equations, and many other subjects. Cornell […]

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Music Review: Gavin Degraw

23 September 2016

Gavin DeGraw just released to his sixth studio,”Something Worth Saving” album in three years. Gavin rose to fame when his hit song “I don’t want to be”. What helped Gavin was that I don’t want to be was used as the theme song for One tree Hill a teen drama Originally aired on the WB. […]

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Chabot Student Center Balcony Closed

23 September 2016

On September 12 2016, Chabot Community College, has closed down their cafeteria’s balcony until further notice. After 3 suicide attempts from a Chabot College student, the school has put the balcony on lockdown, and will not be reopening anytime soon. Student Life director, Arnold Paguio says, “in regards to the situation that has happened we, […]

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