Television and its effects

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As with most subjects, there are many different opinions on the effect of watching too much TV. Some people worry about the negative effects of consuming great amounts of TV, while others don’t regard it as an issue. I can see both views of the matter, but let me go further into depth with each side.

Whenever I watch TV for several hours in a day, I don’t feel that I’ve done anything productive. Watching large quantities of TV can leave me feeling exhausted, yet craving to watch even more.

There is something tranquilizing about sitting in front of the TV and losing myself in a show. It’s almost as if my brain shuts off. I don’t truly notice this feeling until I turn the TV off.

In the book “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains,” Author Nicholas Carr talks about this effect, “Our focus on a medium’s content can blind us to these deep effects. We’re too busy being dazzled or disturbed by the programming to notice what’s going on inside our heads.” It seems like the more TV I watch, the more “dazzled” my brain becomes.

The positive side of the topic is that TV can be a useful tool for gaining knowledge. It is possible that this may outweigh the negative side.

I asked student Maggie Kwong about her thoughts of TV and she had a more positive outlook on the subject. “There’s entertainment, value and also I learn some pretty interesting stuff when I nerd out and watch ‘Nova’ and ‘Nature’ on PBS. TV is also a way to keep up on current events,” Kwong reflects.

Educational TV is much more informative than the fluff that most people tend to watch. When the programming really makes you think and learn it probably isn’t a bad thing.

In the end, it is up to the TV viewer to decide what is best. Some may choose to watch, others may tune out.

By: Sarah Suennen

Staff writer

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March in March

At 10a.m. on Monday, March 5,Chabot College will join the statewide efforts of students, teachers, faculty and concerned citizens of California’s colleges at the community, CSU and UC levels to march on Sacramento’s capitol in a show of solidarity to protect our higher education.

This upsurge of collective effort is due to increasing budget cuts, diminished availability of classes and rising tuitions rates. They will fight for lower fees, full-time faculty, access to counselors, affordable textbooks, and most importantly, classes.

Many, including clubs and members of the ASCC, have been working tirelessly to get Chabot College recognized at this annual event.

Students for Social Justice Club member, Fernanda Sanchez Pillot Saavedra will be attending this annual event, “I am going to the March in March because it was a great experience last year, and because I think that we should use every option available to fight for our education…the experience of being there and sharing all the energy of other people that are going through the same struggle and have the same concerns as you is very empowering.” This sentiment is echoed in the hearts and minds of many who have worked tirelessly to bring this event to life.

California students are part of the largest higher education system in the world. Chabot is one of 112 accredited colleges in California, educating 2.9 million students. California has had a strong commitment to affordable education, as evidenced by the Master Plan for Education passed in 1959, which has laid the groundwork for our current system. Due to current economic instability and California’s budgetary deficit, this great foundation is beginning to erode.

Students may want to maintain and protect the accessibility, affordability, and quality of our college. Students are starting to wonder when the cuts will stop. Many pitfalls have come along the way but the collective strength, and determination of these individuals has allowed for the opportunity of Chabot students to be a major force in this year’s march.

Six buses have been chartered, allowing Chabot students free transportation to and from the event. Students are asked to arrive at building 722 at 6:30a.m. March 5, busses will be leaving at 7. Students are scheduled to arrive back to Chabot around 4 PM.

Sign up in in the Cafeteria lobby, building 2300, where you can also find out more information about the March and about how the budget cuts effect us directly.

If you go…bring a pen to sign release forms, a cell phone to keep in contact with fellow students and staff. One energy bar will be provided to student,s but all are advised to bring water to stay hydrated and a lunch. Also make sure to dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes!

By: Andrew Quirk

Staff Writer

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Occupy: History is being made

Over 46 million Americans are presently living in poverty. Unemployment insists on staying around 9 percent. Robert Reich, former labor secretary and liberal political economist, says, “Most people in this country are flat on their backs economically. It is the worst economy since the Great Depression. He adds, “If the rich don’t pay their fair share, then everyone else has to either pay more taxes or go without the public services they need.”

Billionaire Warren Buffet opened up on the issue of whether or not the wealthy should pay more in taxes, “Stop coddling the super-rich.” How refreshing to have someone of Buffet’s prestige and caliber concerned about the way people are taxed! Buffet, during a speech in 2000 at Columbia University in New York said, “I’m paying taxes at a lower rate than my secretary and frankly…I think that’s crazy.” How heartwarming to see that, according to Buffet, the issue is more than money — it is an invaluable part of our American values. THANK YOU, MR. BUFFET!

The protesters in the Occupy Wall Street movement have said, “Shared sacrifice is a polite way of saying ‘pay up.’ Another protester said, “It’s not about class warfare. It’s about supporting our country.”

The different Occupy movements throughout the United States have resulted from the frustration of thousands of young people who can’t find jobs and feel “their financial prospects have been mortgaged to bail out the elite.” They just want to feel their hard work in school will result in a future.

When the Occupy movement first began, I thought it was just another protest movement. However, as I continued watching, I realized the depth behind the message of these protesters.

Recently, a friend and I went to see what was going on with the Occupy Oakland movement. Oakland has been receiving national news coverage and gaining support from other Occupy locations. History was being made, and we wanted to be a part of it.

As we arrived, we saw the colorful tents and I was struck by the peaceful atmosphere that pervaded. Posters and editorial cartoons were evident. The corporate greed posters really sent a message and helped to clarify why this movement started. One poster said, “Teacher can’t pay the mortgage because healthcare costs too high.” I was so deeply touched with support from those on the “outside.” We saw volunteers from the Episcopal Church in Antioch handing out packed lunches to those participating in the protest. Churches and local restaurants were also helping with meals.

Occupy is not just another protest, this has a universal message! People are fed up and going to the streets to say “STOP! WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!” As one poster stated, “SILENT NO MORE! ENUF! WE ARE THE 99%”

by Louise Young
Contributing Writer

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Opportunities in Real Estate

Chabot Real Estate Department recently had a guest speaker on Monday Oct 31, 2011. He engaged students with real world experience and talked about real estate opportunities in today’s market.

Chabot real estate instructor Jay Mumford reminds us that, “Real estate is not a narrow sliver of just selling houses, but also for appraisers, mortgage loan originators, and commercial brokers, etc. So there are many career opportunities in real estate.”

The guest speaker Mark McCullough is a Canadian-American and a successful residential real estate appraiser in California, also a former student of Chabot Real Estate department under Jay Mumford. McCullough says his business is up 400% from previous years – he appraises residential properties throughout California and is currently so busy that he is turning down some offers to keep up with the pace.

The job of a real estate appraiser is to give value for a house by comparing similar properties nearby. They give their opinion on how much a house is worth based on systematic means and educated valuation.

“There is something similar between billionaire Bill Gates’ house and the world’s poorest man’s home,” says McCullough, “…to an appraiser’s eyes.” McCullough explains “There are four types of values: liquidation value for short sales, current market value for most sales, retrospective value for appraisals dating back in time, and going concern value.”

If you are selling your house in the near future and want to increase your appraisal value for your home, then McCullough suggests that you “upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms.” The reason is every wife wants to buy a house with nice kitchen and everyone likes to have nice bathrooms. Of course, it’s prudent to talk with your broker to assess the added value vs. expenses for this sort of project.

There are different reasons for doing appraisal such as finding out your current home value, lawsuits, tax, divorce, estate planning, and bail bonds. In this turbulent real estate market, Mr. McCullough’s business is 60% bankruptcy related appraisals. For those who are underwater with their current mortgage, Mr. McCullough explains that there are different outcomes from filing bankruptcy and foreclosure. If you have two loans on your home, then bankruptcy could eliminate the second loan. Thus – after bankruptcy – you could keep your home by staying current on your first loan only with a reduced mortgage amount. In foreclosure, you could lose your home altogether. Maybe bankruptcy could be an alternative to foreclosure if the circumstances are right. As always, it is recommended that you consult with your broker and your lawyer before making major financial decisions.

If you are interested in becoming an appraiser, you will need a trainee license and work experience under a licensed appraiser, and you have to take certain courses before applying for a trainee license. The Chabot College Real Estate Department at is a useful resource in completing some of those courses. You can find more about license requirements on

By Zorigt Bazarragchaa

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Chabot dominates Contra Costa

By Kenisha Frieson

The Lady Glad’s won their home match against Contra Costa College last Friday. Teamwork and hard work would be shown on the court with a dominant performance.

Chabot would strike first in the game. Serving for the Lady Glads was Clarissa Callon. Callon would get on a roll and score the games first four points before the Comets would put an end to it. The score was 4-1 with Chabot in the lead.

The Lady Glad’s would go on a run and force Contra Costa to call their first time out with score being 11-4.

Chabot’s intensity and aggressive offense would ex-

tend the lead, making it 17-8. Chabot’s teamwork would result in a game point when a perfect setup and spike gave the Lady Glad’s the first game with the score 25-14. Callon and Danica Glenister-Maugatai were active players for Chabot in the first game.

Chabot’s Glenister-Maugatai serve in the second game gave the lead to the Lady Glads. Contra Costa would fight and try to get back in the game but their effort would fall short. Chabot would win 25-20.

In the third game, Callon’s serve would give Chabot the first point. Contra Costa would try to make a comeback but would eventually fade away.

With the score being 14-6, Contra Costa would take their second timeout in hopes of slow- ing down the Lady Glad’s.

Chabot would again go on an 11-2 run that resulted in a 25-8 final score.

“It’s great,” answered head coach Amber Sammons when asked about the win, “you need a win under your belt to get some confidence behind your team”.

When asked about this year Clarissa Callon answered, “I feel we have potential, we have a lot of work to do but I think we can do it.”

The next volleyball home game is Friday vs. Yuba College.


-Biggest lead in all three games was 11 -Chabot went on a 7-0 run to end the match.

-The victory was the first at home this season.

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Men outlast Comets in opener

By Rashaan Mungo

The Chabot Men’s soccer team kicked off on the right foot last week, defeating Contra Costa 4-3 in a tightly contested match to begin the 2011 season. The game began a string of 6 consecutive home games for the Gladiators, who wasted little time finding the back of the net.

Chabot started the game clearly in control as they dominated the time of possession and frustrated Contra Costa’s defenders. The Comets seemed to be one step behind the speed of Chabot’s midfielders leading to a series of costly penalties.

During a Chabot free kick by Jesus Leon, Contra Costa was called for holding in the box. Consequently, giving the Gladiators a penalty kick and putting early pressure on Comets’ goalkeeper Robert Olsen. Freshman midfielder, Jose Coria converted on the penalty kick giving Chabot a 1-0 lead with a 10th minute goal.

The celebration though, was short lived as the Comets came roaring back to score two goals of their own before the end of the half. Adan Martinez made his presence felt scoring twice. Once on a shot from midfield just beyond the out- stretched arms of goaltender Alejandro Gonzalez, and then scoring again on a penalty kick with 9 minutes left to go in the half.

With Chabot down 2-1, Contra Costa had clearly stolen the momentum.

Coming out of the half the Gladiators came out like a team on a mission. Midfielder Alfredo Navarro, who was around most of the action, broke away down the middle of the pitch before scoring his first goal, equalizing the game at 2-2.

From that moment on it was all Chabot. The Gladiators scored two more goals on rebounds

out in front of goal, as Jesus Leon and Jose Luis Perez applied constant pressure on the Comets’ net minder.

With the game getting out of hand, Contra Costa substituted Kevin Suarez for goalkeeper Robert Olsen.

The move would prove to be too little too late, as a last minute surge by the Comets’ would fall ultimately short. An 83rd minute goal by Daniel Patrino for Contra Costa capped off the comeback attempt, making the score 4-3, which would go on to be the final.

Wins like this can go a long way in developing a winning culture for a young team. With 21 players being freshmen, a come from behind win after losing an early lead, is a sign of maturity.

“We started off good, but we made some mistakes and let [Contra Costa] back in the game”, said Alfredo Navarro in a post game interview. “Coach [Tony Igwe] gave us some words at half- time that really helped us play better as a team.

“I told them to play like champions”, said head coach Tony Igwe, “You have to stay focused for a full 90 minutes. We missed some opportunities to score more goals because we didn’t shoot particularly well”.

The Gladiators didn’t take full advantage of all their opportunities, but they arose to the occasion and showed a lot of character finding a way to grind out a win against the visiting Comets.

“I really like this group of players”, said Igwe. “I’m excited to see how this season is going to play out.”


-The last two games between these two teams ended in 0-0 ties. The last time Contra Costa had scored a goal at Chabot was in a 3-2 win in 2005

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“Battle of the Bay” leaves field; enters stands

By Rashaan Mungo

The August 20 preseason game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Oakland Raiders ended in tragedy as two fans were shot after the game Plenty of fights broke out in various parts of the stadium, drawing the attention of even the players in the stands. The incident comes roughly 6 months after San Francisco Giants’ fan Bryan Stow got assaulted at Dodger Stadium during the season opener and was hospitalized with a coma.

The majority of people believe fans take sports too seriously and have trouble keeping the game in perspective by realizing it is just a game. Personally, I agree, but only to a certain extent. There are some people out there who support a specific team with such passion and conviction that it can border on the insane. This is where we get some of our most treasured parts of sports lore. The “Hogettes” for Washington’s Redskins, or the “Green Men” for Vancouver’s Canucks are a perfect example. Even the Oakland Raiders themselves have the famous, or infamous “Black Hole”.

The people who committed the heinous acts at Candlestick Park, are not fans, they’re criminals. I think it’s very important to realize the difference. I can guarantee that the fights that took place were not over which teams runs a better 3-4 defense, or whose receiving core runs better routes. It was strictly about city and neighborhood

This type of fan commitment makes sports what it is and what makes professional sports leagues lucrative. The problem is that these fans get lumped in with the violent offenders unjustifiably.

affiliation. I have been to Candlestick

Park a mind-boggling number and times, and I have seen my fair share of fights. It has never been about the players on the field or the score on the scoreboard. It may start there, but it always turns into a representation of neighborhood and that’s when it escalates.

This is not a football or sports related issue, but because of a few irresponsible people, the NFL has decided to cancel the annual “Battle of the Bay” preseason game. This is a gross over-reaction to the melee that occurred a couple weeks ago. If the NFL and the city were serious about the safety of the public, it could do other things to prevent a reoccurrence. Most notably, tighten up security at the entrance gates of games. It is an embarrassment how easy it is to sneak things into games including alcohol and weapons.

The real fans of the Raiders and the 49ers should be upset at the cancellation of the games, because many fans are just good fans that love their team and just want to have a good time. It is sad that these fans are the ones who are getting penalized. The fans that get aggressively drunk and cause trouble are not the season ticket holders and are not the ones who actually pay attention to the game. The next time the Raiders and the 49ers play will be their scheduled regular season meeting in 2014 in Oakland.

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9/11: Looking back 10 years

Looking around the student body at Chabot College, it is easy to note that many of our students are young – a few years beyond, if not fresh out of high school. Ten years ago it was elementary or middle school, a place of playground politics, not somewhere for real world debates or conspiracy theories. Hence, when the big ten year anniversary of the destruction of the Twin Towers comes and goes, it isn’t going to have a big impact.

Still, we can see the effects of the attack on the security and mindset of the nation, from what has changed over the years. Immediately following the attacks, the government gained nearly free reign of personal information on anyone residing within our borders, with access to purchase records, tax returns, driver’s licenses, medical records and even educational transcripts. We have been told that these precautions are taken for our security.

Yet, talking to Chabot students, many believe that these measures made people feel more at risk, rather than assured of their safety. The melting pot that we like to boast exists in the United States, seemed to be boiling over with ingredients we no longer wanted. One student noted, “We started looking at everyone differently, anyone who even looked to be from the Middle East was suddenly a suspect of terrorism.”

Once conspiracy theories began to arise on the government’s possible involvement or ignorance of the incoming attack, we were given reason to doubt that what we were being told by the government was true.

Positively, born out of this paranoia was an American consciousness newly baptized with patriotism. National flags, t-shirts, bumper stickers, and anything bearing pro-American sentiments suddenly became popular around the country.

Ten years later, all we can really see of Sept. 11, 2001 is how far we’ve come and where our work lies next. Right now, jobs are hard to come by – money is even harder. We are proud to be American. We still live in an America that is free under the Constitution, and although a microscope is now used to examine us, we still enjoy a great amount of personal freedoms. We are still a democracy and we will always remember the events of Sept. 11, 2001; not only in remembrance for those lost, but also as a reminder of the perseverance that is in the heart, mind and soul of every American to make a better tomorrow.

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Chabot welcomes returning students

By April Chen

Going back to school is an effective way to open a new window in your life. Returning students can gain useful knowledge in what they really need for their jobs and pursue new careers. It’s never too late.

With the beginning of another semester here at Chabot, thousands of new students enroll not only recent graduates, but also people returning to school in their middle age hoping to better themselves.

For returning students there are a variety of reasons to take classes. From work-related certification, family, opportunity and time; choosing to go back to school is often a struggle. Why did they choose to go back to school instead of working? Here are a few accounts of returning students.

Isaac Medina, 32, Mexican-American. Last time he went to high school was in 1995, but he appeared in Chabot this fall. Medina, father of a three year old and his wife expecting another child was laid off two months ago. Sadly without a job, he can only depend on very limited financial support from government. He is in a hard time now; he makes a choice going to College.

Medina said it was difficult for him to find a good job without any College degrees. Experience tells him that good education relates to a better job, and that means a better life. It is true that more doors are open to educated people.

Medina added “I am on the right road, better late than never.” Not only a student, Medina has many responsibilities. Taking care of his family it is only after his daughter goes to sleep that he can do his homework.

Medina added “I am good, I can find the balance between two roles, it’s tiring but worth it.”

Medina used to do labor work for Recycle Company, but he has always dreamed of becoming a graphic designer in the future. He treasures this learning opportunity more. Medina says he is a better student than he used to be because he realizes now the importance of education.

Sandra Jones, a full time returning student, major in nursing. Going back to school is one of the things on her“bucket list”.

“Going back to school is one of the things you want to do before you die,” Jones recollects when she first entered Chabot’s campus.

Everybody she met, whatever it was student or instructor, were very friendly. “It seems that everyone wants you to be successful here”. Her study life is like any other student, however she doesn’t have parents to constantly check on her. Jones remarks that she occasionally gets stressed-out but what keeps her going is getting her AA degree at Chabot.

College is always the place where you can start all over again. Especially with the economic state now, many people have decided to come back to school and pursue new careers that they are passionate about.

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No good love

Contributing Writer: Esther Patterson

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” is based heavy on unhappy lovers and little on comedy.

“Crazy, Stupid, Love” could have been better off as a straight drama rather than the romantic comedy it has been advertised as. Its best moments have little to do with moving along the plot, but with the intimacies between partners.

It truly is a beautiful movie to watch while Emily (Julianne Moore) calls Cal and fakes some needed home repair information, just to hear his voice again. Without being too much of a movie spoiler, you’ll also love watching a (shirtless) Gosling show Stone’s character his massage chair. That is not a euphemism. Without these reminders of how and why people fall in love, it’s easy to think that “Crazy, Stupid, Love” does a tame job of exposing marital and romantic unhappiness.

One needs look no further than Todd Solondz “Happiness” to find the untamed versions of these characters. Solondz’s film, though, is a brutal, black comedy with characters who end up much worse off in the process of following their hearts. To fault “Crazy, Stupid, Love” for not being as raucous as “Happiness” dismisses far too much good in the performances by the lead actors, especially Steve Carell’s knack for turning a miserable shmuck into a less miserable shmuck.

It is telling that in a star-studded romantic comedy, the two female leads (Julianne Moore and Emma Stone) wear such little makeup, while the males (Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling) attend to every detail of their appearance.

For Cal (Carell’s character), it takes an impending divorce to turn him into the Eliza Doolittle who dapper Jacob (Gosling) takes pity. The movie could have easily been titled “My Fair Carell”, where homely Cal learns from Jacob how to dress and act in order to impress ladies who he would like to sleep with in order get back at his ex-wife for cheating on him. Of course, the important lesson that is learned is that appearances cannot remedy the love-sickness of spirit.

Carell’s tragically-awkward style of comedic acting is finely tuned in the role of Cal. He has done with his career what that Focker Ben Stiller could never do: make his moments of schaudenfreude incredibly sad, funny, horrifying, and touching, all without ever breaking character.

Cal’s personal journey is one to watch, because, though he follows the motions of a romantic comedy and betters his outward appearance, he develops a personal sense of grace, in that he does not handle disgraceful situations through reactionary behavior.

I can’t think of any famous comedian, recently, who has had to undergo a leading role with such a drastic change in his empathy towards others. Maybe “Funny People”, but usually, the Happy-Madison formula is that the comedian ends up a better person in order to get exactly what he wants.

Carell and “Crazy, Stupid, Love” are smarter than that because they are in a story that has to happen after the happily ever after of most love stories.




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Easy F

Contributing Writer: Esther Patterson

Director Will Gluck is on a roll with his romantic comedies, first with “Easy A”, and now with “Friends With Benefits”. He makes romantic comedies with what seems to be the most un-romantic way to approach the subject of love between two individuals: casual sex between friends.

It is a lot of fun to watch director Will Gluck play with the tropes and character expectations of a romantic comedy, even while paying homage to the formulaic parts that attract audiences to such features. As the viewer, we do want to be rewarded with a love story, proving that romantic leads whom actually like each other for most of the movie that can also be incredibly charming and attractive for two hours, with the help of some good dialog of course. (This movie has that.)

Dylan (Justin Timberlake) and Jamie (Mila Kunis) convince themselves that expectations are too high for a romantic relationship, which leads them to their friends-with-benefits relationship.

Neither participant drives themselves insane in attempts to become the ideal mate for the other, which is what keeps their relationship on the friends-with-benefits track and out of a romance that is taboo in the world of formulaic romantic comedies. (Formula being Dylan and Jamie get along really well throughout most of the film, the pair’s sexual encounters are fun and talkative and the telling, for the first time ever, of their own insecurities and proclivities.)

It is kind of a wonder that so many other romantic comedies get away with having protagonists who think that they are going to live happily while only liking their partner for a few weeks.

In the movie, Jamie is well aware of these romantic comedy clichés, as they are hilariously portrayed in a meta-romantic comedy starring Jason Seigel and Rashida Jones. For the most part, the story wanders in uncharted territory with great results: Dylan is a nice guy who likes sex, and is not treated as a barbarian for having a libido and Jamie is sweet, foul-mouthed New Yorker who is also not treated like a whore for having a libido.

The only contrived part, besides Justin Timberlake’s half-hammy acting, is the inevitable conflict that makes Dylan and Jamie fall out of not-love for a while. But you probably know how that works out for them. While you are waiting for that to happen, you can busy yourself with the scene-stealing performances by Woody Harrelson and Patricia Clarkson. The later plays a wicked game of “guess my baby daddy’s ethnicity” with her daughter Jamie. My guess is you’ll never figure out the truth, but you’ll be okay with that.

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake have a lot of onscreen sex in “Friends With Benefits”, and yes, this is probably a much better “f#@k buddies” movie than is “No Strings Attached”, that Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher stinker from earlier this year.


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Captain America rescues summer

Contributing Writer: John Hitchcock

This is the week Marvel Comics fans have been waiting for since Samuel L. Jackson popped up after the credits of Iron Man peddling the Avengers Initiative.

As a preface, this movie is not judged strictly on acting and directing skills, from my point of view, this cannot be considering the icon that Captain America is for both patriotism and nostalgia of the original graphic novels.

Fortunately, it will be easy for most viewers to overlook these technical aspects when the audience considers how much the writers favored the peripheral characters. The best parts of dialogue are monopolized by Tommy Lee Jones and Stanley Tucci, who play Colonel Phillips and Dr. Erskine, the two characters responsible for choosing which soldier to turn into Captain America.

The plot goes at a brisk pace, but it’s not like they tried to squeeze too much into a short movie. The story of Captain America’s origin transitions quickly and seamlessly into his first handful of battles. The producers of this film did well to avoid predictability and an overly tidy ending and they succeeded more than they failed. Nobody will say “I saw that coming an hour before it happened” and the strategically placed laughs and one-liners are ample enough to keep even the most austere comic-shunners involved.

Chris Evans’ portrayal of the star-spangled superhero is good enough to please fans and comic newbies alike, as he runs over his overly cheesy lines with almost as much ease as the decent parts of his script.

Hugo Weaving portrays the Red Skull as only he can, in spite of a sub par script but his German accent draws attention to itself and away from what he actually says.

Hayley Atwell is refreshing and convincing as Peggy Carter, who is the love interest of Captain America who has a tough military exterior.


-The shield fight outside the Nazi weapons factory.

-Neal McDonough and Cap’s team of backup soldiers.


-Hugo Weaving is capable of being much more sinister and believable than this. (See: The Matrix, you’ll see what I mean)

-No extra footage or bonus scene at the end of the credits.



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Bienvenidos a la Jungla

A two-for-one review of the films Zoo Keeper and A Better Life

Contributing Writer: Esther Patterson

A Better Zookeeper’s Life is typical boy-meets car- who-later-transforms-into-Rosario Dawson- all-the-while-learning-that-animals-can-speak-and-that-they-are-having-trouble-with-immigration-laws, Hollywood afair. But mostly, it’s about how a man tries to define his identity amidst great social pressures.

You may recognize the lead, Demian Bichir, from the television show Weeds, where he played a suave mayor and drug kingpin. Bichir’s role as Carlos Garlindo is completely different character than the one that me is popular for on the cable network.. As a poor migrant worker, Bichir has a permanent patina of grime and a protruding gut but he has a strong sense of humanity.

Kevin James takes the roll of Zookeeper princess in this version of Happy Madison’s Fairy Tale for Losers because Adam Sandler is:
a) rich, and therefore can delegate his roles to cheaper labor, and
b) has the role of a lifetime, voicing a monkey who recommends throwing poop as foreplay.

Speaking of metaphorical shit, the house in East Los Angeles is probably one of the best examples of a home that was once clean and sturdy being left to fend for itself against the elements.

If you do not know of anyone who has had to live in one of these types of derelict places, and thereby developed emotional calluses to their surroundings, then this movie will probably fall on dumb senses. Hell, there’s even a gorilla who knows that cruel displays of captivity are one hell of a way to break down a body.



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The end is here

Contributing Writer: Esther Patterson

No one is going into this movie wondering whether Harry Potter and his gang will defeat the dark lord Voldemort, right? Shame on you if you are. You know better than to believe J. K. Rowling would do that to her literary children, both fictional and fans, or her money. No, we are going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 because of the spell Hogwarts has cast on audiences for the last fifteen years, ten of them being in movie theaters.

We are going to watch Harry and Neville Longbottom become the earnest heroes we knew they would become. We are going to watch matriarchal magicians kick butt and see the most frightful parts of black magic. But mostly, we are going to watch the subtle ways in which Harry and his pals defeat the most evil and terrifying of villains; teenage angst, and oh yeah, hormones.[media-credit id=3 align="alignright" width="300"][/media-credit]

I would suspect there are going to be many college papers written about the significance of Harry having part of a snake-like villain living in his body. No matter, though, because we know Potter will not let Voldemort win, and the Hogwarts students will graduate with wisdom and grace. Hermione and Ron, and Harry and Ginny will experience more longing looks, and the very different adventures of adult love.

Many generations will have the pleasure of attending Hogwarts in the future. Though bittersweet, watching Harry Potter and his friends’ adventures end for now means an ending with more literate children, and more believers in magic. And isn’t that the type of happily ever after we can all believe in?

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Sitting with Dr. Stacy Thompson VP of Academic Services of #chabotcollege in Building 200, on April 9, 2014.

Photo by: @theworldofours
Victory, the Chabot Gladiators tennis fought In the heat to beat American River college 5-4 on Tuesday, April. 8, 2014 at Hayward, Calif. The win over ARC helped the  Chabot tennis team move on to the next round of the playoffs where they will face the undefeated Foothill Owls. (David Soriano/ChabotSpectator/Athletics) #Chabot #tennis #win #winning
#chabotspectator #JACC2014 That's what counts...
LA Deputy, Hill Goedwart and his horse, Shooter, talked about his 19-year career in law enforcement. #RAW #JACC #horses

Photo Credit: @theworldofours
Kemba Smith, spoke with #ChabotCollege students in Building 700 about domestic violence on March 27, 2014. [photo credit: @theworldofours ]
A Day of Action Against Modern Day Slavery with guest speaker Angela Irizarry, at Chabot College in room 2611 on Mar. 25, 2014. #chabotcollege
Donald Pearson seen here took 6th overall at the Sacramento State Hornet Invitational for the long jump with a distance of 6.89m on Mar. 22, 2014, Sacramento CA. Pearson jumped against 30 other athletes that include a few NCAA D1 athletes. Photo by David Soriano @runthatdistancetf
Daniel Estrada of Chabot (8) outkicks the field with a time of 1:58.75 during the Hornet Invitational on Mar. 22, 2014 at Sacramento State. Estrada is the first Gladiator to break the 2:00 mark this year, just 3 weeks ago his personal best was a 2:10!! #tracknation #chabog #track
Choral spring concert as they sing The Terrible Tale of Tom Gilligan at bldg. 1200 on Mar. 20, 2014.
#ChabotCollege Tell'em~! @ the chabot spring choral concert!
It was the 47th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Preview Day today at the Peace Plaza in San Francisco's Japantown on Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014.  The candidates for the 2014 Cherry Blossom Queen's Court was introduced to the press.  Shimaoka Kazusa-Kai
San Francisco Koto Ensemble were among one of the performers who entertained attendees at the Cherry Blossom Festival Preview Day.
(Tammy Lee/Staff Photos)
FINAL. Chabot's season comes to an end with loss to SBVC in the Final Four. 78-68. Still doesn't erase the fantastic season our Gladiators had. Chabot finishes the year with a 25-8 record.
HALFTIME here in Norwalk! San Bernardino Valley leads Chabot 35-34. Cortez Bad News Barrett leads the Gladiators in scoring with 12 points. Second half coming up in 11 minutes! #chabot #sbvc #socal #cccaa #bayarea #basketball #ncaa #marchmadness #college
We're about to get started here in Norwalk! Chabot vs. San Bernardino with a chance to play Santa Rosa City College in the CCCAA State Championship game! To watch, tune into at 7pm! Let's go Chabot! #Chabot #Gladiators #Bayarea #Basketball #CCCAA #SanBernardino #Hayward #CCvsSBVC
THEY'RE HERE! The 2013-2014 Chabot Men's Basketball team shoots around at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA to get ready for the semifinals of the CCCAA tournament against San Bernadino Valley! A victory tonight will send Chabot to the Championship Game which will be played tomorrow! Tonight's game will begin at 7pm preceding the Santa Rosa vs. Chaffey game, and it can be viewed on! #cccaa #bayarea #basketball #chabot #ncaa #marchmadness
Members of the Chabot basketball team posing for a picture after the team dinner, the spectator is down in LA and will cover the State Finals. #chabot  #basketball
Come support the Chabot Basketball team in LA as they battle for the state title
Usually very active at night, the Russell City Energy Center seen from the Hayward Regional Shoreline lays dormant at night on Mar. 10, 2014. The heavily debated Energy Center is producing 10 times the ammount of pollution allowed by the State of California. Photo by David Soriano @runthatdistancetf #photography #chabot #l4l #love #picoftheday #instagod  #instacool #igers

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April 14 - 19
SPRING BREAK (CAMPUS CLOSED - No Instruction, No Saturday Classes)

April 22
12th Annual Return of the Swallows Festival
Cesar A Chavez Plaza Chabot College 11AM - 1PM

April 24
Change It Now! presents Social Justice in Action: A Panel Discussion on Careers That Make a Difference! 12 - 1PM in Room 722 (The Event Center).

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