Productivity debate at Chabot College

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Chabot’s Planning, Review and Budget Council (PRBC) meeting was held Thursday in building 400 at Chabot College. Continue Reading

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Pottery Sale

The annual pottery sale that has been going on since the beginning of the ceramics class in the 1960′s took place at Chabot on Nov. 27 and 28. Continue Reading

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SVCF founder on tour visits Chabot

yamada svcf

Left: Yasteru Yamada, 73, receives translation assistance from Shige Kajiwara, (right), 61, math instructor at Chabot College during a question and answer session after the presentation. [Allen S. Lin/Staff Photo]

Founder of the Skilled Veterans Corps for Fukushima (SVCF) Yasuteru Yamada is on a tour that stopped at Chabot College on Thursday, Oct. 18. Yamada is visiting community colleges and universities in order to gain support from students in bringing jobs to elderly, skilled veterans to help restore the devastation of the Fukushima Daiichi Power Station in March 2011. Continue Reading

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Mariachi night echoed in the streets of Hayward

A Chabot fundraiser to support MECHA and Active Dreamers was held on Friday, October 12, 2012 at the City Hall Plaza in downtown Hayward. Continue Reading

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Transfer Workshops at Chabot

Closer and closer many students at Chabot are getting closer to their goal in transferring in 2012, but many don’t know what to expect or many of the requirements needed for transfer. Continue Reading

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Exercising your Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights

Every person who lives in the United States has a right to the Fourth or Fifth Amendment regardless of whether you were born in the United States. Continue Reading

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Federal court makes big decision in right to carry case

As of January 1,2012, carrying a loaded or unloaded weapon in California is officially considered a crime. Continue Reading

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Southgate Swim Club Remodel: Just in time for summer

With summer just around the corner the increase of weather is starting to built up more and with these last week’s temperature in the Bay Area raising in the upper 80’s, we all know that one of the best things to do when weather is hot is going to the beach or our local swimming pool.  The South Gate Swim Club of Hayward Calif. is trying to meet their deadline of reconstruction of the pool just in time for the summer. The South Gate Swim Club is in a must need for repair for it has been in Hayward for the past 48 years.

South Gate Swim Club closed their doors to their club members due to fact that the pool was leaking from the bottom which the pool would leak. This is one of the main reasons why the pool closed in the need of renovating the pool. “The construction should end by May” said Katy Dinatale, the swim coach of the South Gate Swim Club, which should be just in time for this summer which in a promise to be very hot. Dinatale also added the pool would “leak 2 feet everyday” and that they would have to “fill the pool all the time” when they would have to use it. So this renovation of the pool should help them in conservation of water.

Katy Dinatale also brought to the awareness of how the club has responded to the cost of the repairs and stated that they have raised “extra assessment fees” from club members who have been very generous to their club in helping raise thousands of dollars with having over 150 members in the club. Also due to the news coverage from CBS 5 and the Daily Review it has helped raise more with the generous donations from people. According to the swim clubs website the fundraising goal they are trying to meet for the repairs is $80,000, which might be a tough goal for the club but they have managed to raise $11,300 off of the assessment fees and $12,560 has come from the generous donations. So as of last Saturday they have raised a total of $23,860 which is huge for cost of the pool but still want to reach that goal. If you have any questions over donating you can contact Tracy Diaz at And if you are interested in joining the club it is a onetime fee of $250.

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Fourth annual fun and games with the Able Disabled Club

Able Disabled Club hosted their fourth annual fun and games night in building 700. “Everyone is just here to have fun,” said Mary Pierce, president of the Able Disabled Club for 3 years now. Continue Reading

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“American Reunion” saves best slice for last

The highly funny “American Pie” series is back with another greatly anticipated film, “American Reunion” which screened Thursday night in San Jose, Calif.


The last movie to come out in the series was “American Wedding” which came out in theatres in 2003. It has been over a decade since the last movie of the series, so the title of the movie was real fitting, due to all them finally coming back to the big screen after a big hiatus, and what a big return it was.


The movie returns with the entire original cast from the first movie. Jason Biggs returns and plays his unforgettable role as Jim Levinstein, in which he is now a father and is married to his high school sweetheart Michelle Flaherty, who is played by Alyson Hannigan.


The movie is based on the idea that their old high school is going to hold their reunion for the class of 99’. So they all come back to their hometown of East Grade Falls in the hope of gaining the nostalgic feeling of high school. As they return they soon start to realize that they are old and that they aren’t the same people they once were.


Steve Stiffler, played by the very funny Seann William Scott is the one out of the whole group who is still the same arrogant, immature guy. Without his arrogant character, though, this movie would have been as funny.


Overall the movie is hilarious, it kept the whole crowd crying with laughter with the many daring jokes especially with the unforgettable opening scene with Jim that I assure many won’t forget.


The high school reunion was about getting even, finally setting things straight with old friends and ending second thoughts. According to Tyler Christian, a reviewer for the website Rotten Tomatoes, stated  that the film is a “Raunch-filled romp that succeeds in bringing back the nostalgic memories mostly from the first film.”


It’s very long, but it’s not a bad thing since the movie keeps you entertained and all you can really think about is what is going to happen next. This movie is a high recommendation to anyone who likes raunchy comedy and of course who is a fan of the “American Pie” series.


This movie is only for the mature audience due to some of the jokes being a little too graphic, but it was great to see that the best piece of this series was saved till last. “American Reunion” is set to be released in theaters on April 6.

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Chabot arcade; blast from past?

The proposed location for the new recreation area located in Building 2300. [Allen Lin/Staff Photo]

The proposed location for the new recreation area located in Building 2300. [Allen Lin/Staff Photo]

Many students are unaware of the mysterious arcade on campus here at Chabot, and even fewer know why it was closed.

The arcade, previously located in the cafeteria lobby, was suddenly closed a couple years ago with no real warning sign to the student body.
Continue Reading

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Japanese internment camp survivor: Mas Hatano

History was taught at Chabot College last Tuesday in building 400. Mr. Mas Hatano gave a presentation on Japanese internment camps in San Francisco during World War II (WWII).

Hatano spoke about his experience during the bombing of Pearl Harbor and how California reacted towards the Japanese community in California.

On Feb. 19, 1942, Executive Order 9066 was passed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, forcing residents of Japanese descent into Internment camps. The government felt that they posed a threat to California after the attacks on Pearl Harbor.

Over a 1,000 workers were fired from their jobs because they were Japanese. Flyers were posted all over the cities, instructing Japanese to leave.

Hatano showed a picture of the Army pointing guns at a Japanese group that was rounded up and expressed, “They were more worried about people who were in the land instead of protecting it.”

The internment camps went to the extremes. There were a total of 10 camps with over 10,000 people in each. Even if you were 1/16 Japanese, you could still be put in the camp. Everyone was given numbers and tags, A line was drawn from Oregon all the way down to California; if you were on the right side – you could stay, but if you were on the left you were ordered to leave. Executive Order 9066 came to an end in 1945 because the government found no reason to keep them there.

Anna England, a student at Chabot, asked Hatano if anyone ever tried to run away. Hatano answered “No one ever tried to escape. [When] eight men were shot and killed,” Hatano also expressed, “The people in the camp were charged for the bullet the soldier used.”

Hatano spent three years in an encampment in Tule Lake and was 13 at the time. The Japanese created their own community in the encampments, where they were void of discrimination. Schools were created but local teachers did not want to teach them, “They didn’t want to teach the enemy.” Hatano said.

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“Crossing 32nd Street” hosts a very special show

[media-credit name="Sophia Schmagold/Staff Photo" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Crossing 32nd Street[/media-credit]

Crossing 32nd Street takes the stage.

On Thursday night, January 26, 2012, the ensemble “Crossing 32nd Street” played a live show to a packed house at the Buffington Performing Arts Center at Chabot. The ensemble is an experimental music group from Arizona, once named Phoenix’s “best new classical music ensemble” by The Arizona Republic, the state’s largest newspaper. It was a very special show for Erick Schultz, who left the group over two and a half years ago to teach at Chabot College, while the rest of the group teaches at Paradise Community College in Arizona.

Chris Scinto, Erick Schultz, Doug Nottingham, Brett Reed and Rob Esler are regular members of “Crossing 32nd Street”. Very special guest Dr. Terry Longshore came to fill in last minute all the way from Oregon. This was the first time the ensemble ever played at Chabot College.

The band is mostly based on exploring the concept of sound and the limits it can reach, if it has any. Schultz told The Spectator that this ensemble is very interested in “exploring the concept of sound” which is very true because the concert brought us many different sounds, sounds that are very unique and as Schultz puts it, “daring”.

The group uses not only traditional instruments like the flute and piano, but incorporates the percussion of claves, bongo drums and mixed multimedia played on a laptop. The main influence of their experimental sound came from when they all studied at Arizona State University, where the ensemble was taught by Glenn Hackbarth.

“Crossing 32nd Street” is very transitional in the sound they create. They would play a certain piece for at least 10 minutes and would improvise a lot, which Schultz told us is the group’s main core. Due to this, it was easy to get lost in the sound being made and at times it felt as if one sound would transition into another.

They mixed sounds from 2 people playing percussion at different tempos, to a call and response from a piano with a turntable, and even a piece for one with amplified maracas. The show got very emotional when the ensemble performed a piece called “Fireflies,” a song with multimedia components composed by Shultz himself, for which he gave an introduction.

The song is about when he would go visit Springfield, Missouri and see all the fireflies mating in the field. He talked about the different patterns of lights males would use to attract females and the false signals some females would use to tease them. The song was played while a recorded video played in the background of those fireflies in Missouri. Though it was dark and generally hard to see many fireflies in the video, it was very touching piece that kept the attention of everyone. Looking around, the audience seemed to escape reality and some even cried.

“Crossing 32nd Street” is a very unpredictable group that you won’t know what you might hear until you see them. Their music can’t be found on the internet, which means the best way to hear their music is to actually attend one of their concerts.

Visit their website at for event dates.

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Chabot’s School Portal

Chabot College, Hayward
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humidity: 74%
wind: 9mph SSW
H 76 • L 54

Instagram - The Chabot Spectator

Sitting with Dr. Stacy Thompson VP of Academic Services of #chabotcollege in Building 200, on April 9, 2014.

Photo by: @theworldofours
Victory, the Chabot Gladiators tennis fought In the heat to beat American River college 5-4 on Tuesday, April. 8, 2014 at Hayward, Calif. The win over ARC helped the  Chabot tennis team move on to the next round of the playoffs where they will face the undefeated Foothill Owls. (David Soriano/ChabotSpectator/Athletics) #Chabot #tennis #win #winning
#chabotspectator #JACC2014 That's what counts...
LA Deputy, Hill Goedwart and his horse, Shooter, talked about his 19-year career in law enforcement. #RAW #JACC #horses

Photo Credit: @theworldofours
Kemba Smith, spoke with #ChabotCollege students in Building 700 about domestic violence on March 27, 2014. [photo credit: @theworldofours ]
A Day of Action Against Modern Day Slavery with guest speaker Angela Irizarry, at Chabot College in room 2611 on Mar. 25, 2014. #chabotcollege
Donald Pearson seen here took 6th overall at the Sacramento State Hornet Invitational for the long jump with a distance of 6.89m on Mar. 22, 2014, Sacramento CA. Pearson jumped against 30 other athletes that include a few NCAA D1 athletes. Photo by David Soriano @runthatdistancetf
Daniel Estrada of Chabot (8) outkicks the field with a time of 1:58.75 during the Hornet Invitational on Mar. 22, 2014 at Sacramento State. Estrada is the first Gladiator to break the 2:00 mark this year, just 3 weeks ago his personal best was a 2:10!! #tracknation #chabog #track
Choral spring concert as they sing The Terrible Tale of Tom Gilligan at bldg. 1200 on Mar. 20, 2014.
#ChabotCollege Tell'em~! @ the chabot spring choral concert!
It was the 47th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Preview Day today at the Peace Plaza in San Francisco's Japantown on Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014.  The candidates for the 2014 Cherry Blossom Queen's Court was introduced to the press.  Shimaoka Kazusa-Kai
San Francisco Koto Ensemble were among one of the performers who entertained attendees at the Cherry Blossom Festival Preview Day.
(Tammy Lee/Staff Photos)
FINAL. Chabot's season comes to an end with loss to SBVC in the Final Four. 78-68. Still doesn't erase the fantastic season our Gladiators had. Chabot finishes the year with a 25-8 record.
HALFTIME here in Norwalk! San Bernardino Valley leads Chabot 35-34. Cortez Bad News Barrett leads the Gladiators in scoring with 12 points. Second half coming up in 11 minutes! #chabot #sbvc #socal #cccaa #bayarea #basketball #ncaa #marchmadness #college
We're about to get started here in Norwalk! Chabot vs. San Bernardino with a chance to play Santa Rosa City College in the CCCAA State Championship game! To watch, tune into at 7pm! Let's go Chabot! #Chabot #Gladiators #Bayarea #Basketball #CCCAA #SanBernardino #Hayward #CCvsSBVC
THEY'RE HERE! The 2013-2014 Chabot Men's Basketball team shoots around at Cerritos College in Norwalk, CA to get ready for the semifinals of the CCCAA tournament against San Bernadino Valley! A victory tonight will send Chabot to the Championship Game which will be played tomorrow! Tonight's game will begin at 7pm preceding the Santa Rosa vs. Chaffey game, and it can be viewed on! #cccaa #bayarea #basketball #chabot #ncaa #marchmadness
Members of the Chabot basketball team posing for a picture after the team dinner, the spectator is down in LA and will cover the State Finals. #chabot  #basketball
Come support the Chabot Basketball team in LA as they battle for the state title
Usually very active at night, the Russell City Energy Center seen from the Hayward Regional Shoreline lays dormant at night on Mar. 10, 2014. The heavily debated Energy Center is producing 10 times the ammount of pollution allowed by the State of California. Photo by David Soriano @runthatdistancetf #photography #chabot #l4l #love #picoftheday #instagod  #instacool #igers

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April 22
12th Annual Return of the Swallows Festival
Cesar A Chavez Plaza Chabot College 11AM - 1PM

April 24
Change It Now! presents Social Justice in Action: A Panel Discussion on Careers That Make a Difference! 12 - 1PM in Room 722 (The Event Center).

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