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Bart Prices on the Rise

The BART prices just keep increasing, with the Bay Area Rapid Transit company wanting to raise the ticket prices after raising them 3.4 percent back in January 2016 (SF Gate). Most of the reasoning behind this is because BART is facing massive budget deficits for this and next fiscal years. So what does this mean […]

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St. Pablo Comes to Oracle!

On Saturday, October 22nd, Kanye West’s St. Pablo Tour made its way to Oakland at Oracle Arena over the weekend. Kanye West is one of those artists that, regardless of time, always stays relevant through creative and innovative music. His latest work The Life Of Pablo (TLOP) is a perfect example of an artist not […]

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Great American Shakeout

With the 27th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake on October 17th, Chabot College decided to remind us of the safety that is needed in such an event. On Thursday, October 20th at 11 a.m., the Drop, Cover, and Hold On and Great Shakeout Earthquake Drills took place here on campus. The Great Shakeout Earthquake […]

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Student Senate of Chabot College

The Student Senate of Chabot College serve as the representatives for the entire student body here at Chabot. The Senate consists of 16 standing members, five of which are student representatives. The Student Senate is our largest unanimous voice throughout the college, set up to form a unity between the student body and the school […]

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High Scores Arcade

  High Scores is an arcade museum that collects the vast history of 80s classic video games. The retro throwback is great for those who want to experience the days when arcades were on every corner. High Scores restores and lets the public view and play a wide array of classic video games.  From Tetris […]

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Off The Grid

Matt Cohen, owner and operator of Off The Grid got his inspiration from teaching abroad in Japan. After graduating from Emory University in Colorado, Cohen sought out explore and travel. So Cohen saw Japan as an opportunity to do so. During his time there, Cohen ran into plenty of Asian night markets. These locations had […]

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Transfer Basics

A great way to find out about transferring to a 4-year university is to attend the Career & Transfer workshops which are held in Building 700, second floor in room 758/761. You need to check their website for most current dates, times, and locations. You can stop by their office at Room 758 in […]

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El Niño

El Nino is a weather event that occurs every two to seven years, bringing changes to the weather around the world, such as heavy rain, winds, and warmer ocean surface temperatures. Residents of California and the Bay Area have seen the effects of El Nino firsthand. Parts of the Bay Area and the Sierras have […]

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Buffalo Wild Wings Review

No restaurant is more dedicated to those three than Buffalo Wild Wings. Luckily for Chabot students, a new location has opened up on Hesperian Blvd. With the new semester comes a new restaurant to visit but the question remains. Is Buffalo Wild Wings worth a visit or a pass? Let me get this out of the […]

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Make Your Own Doughnut at Fractured Prune

The Fractured Prune has made it to California, opening its’ first west coast location in Santa Clara last month. With 19 flavored glazes, 13 toppings, and a whopping 155,648 possible combinations to choose from, the “make it yourself” Fractured Prune doughnut shop stands apart from the competition. But is it worth the hype? Or better […]

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