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Disruption in the U.S. Accreditation Space

The United States Accreditation has recently followed under unprecedented criticism and increasing demands for accountability to government and the public in authority in the quality of higher education. (Council for Higher Education Accreditation & Boston College Center for International Higher Education).

This will force schools that want to be accredited, to make students graduate in a timely way, they should be able to get jobs, and should have debt that is manageable. Schools will also be accountable for timely identification and actions against poor performing schools. Schools that will want to have accreditation will have standards constitute high standards with expectations about an institution or program, including mission, financial resources, academic standards, curricula, supports services for students and facilities.

The accountability will be focusing on defining the quality as graduation, jobs and limitations on debt. The focus will be on protecting and serving students for economic well-being and mobility.

The government is going to be reviewing the performance of accrediting organization on it-not accreditors’-expectation of the effectiveness of accredited institutions and programs.

There are four things that need to change; first is in who provides oversight and takes the lead in accreditation, second is in how quality is defined, third is about accountability: for what and to whom accreditation is answerable, and fourth is in how accreditation itself is to operate.   

Some of the current concerns of the government have been the reluctance to increase public investment when private companies are not willing to spend their own funds with transparency. This has lead to the flourishing of the private sector, with the spending of more money due to the private sector doesn’t have to show transparency in the spending of their fund.

As private institutions become eligible to stake claims on public funding throughout the region, a private vs. public tension has emerged, along with a debate about who pays for what, which public goods are worth subsidizing, what funds should be allocated competitive, what the quality thresholds should be for public money, and other issues.

This is a great thing for community and future students that are interested in improving the current conditions the of higher-education institution.

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