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Health Center New Location

There are major changes that is happening at Chabot College. Building 100, and as well as the Mass Communication Department are in process of getting a new building. Currently, Chabot is in process of revamping the entire school.

The Health Center has upgraded their office once again. They have moved previous times around Chabot. They had their office next to the Chabot TV department for many years, they relocated to building 200 next to campus security for only three semesters, and now they have relocated to building 2315 right next to The Spectator office.

Julie, a worker at the Health Center explains why student health is important. She states, “Without the Health Center, the whole student body can get sick, and without medical attention on campus it would be harder for students to get access to see a doctor on campus”.

Julie continues, “The move made very easier for students to stop. When we were in the previous building it was hard for students to find the center. Therefore now every student knows where we are located”. She continues, “Our services is still the same the only difference is that now we are able to talk multiple patients at a time”.

Tina Mana, a Criminal Justice major, expressed her opinion about the overall Health Center change. “It is going to be more convenient for everyone. I like how it has more space for them to bring in patients. It is crazy how their new office was where the student senate was.”

As of now, room 2315 is now the official Health Center. But again, Chabot is making major changes. The Health Center may get their own health building in the near future. The Health Center hosted their first open house event to students, and staff on April 27 in their new location. If you like to set up an appointment at the health center you can contact them at 510-723-7625, or email them at

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