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KCRH Kupid Shuffle

By Lisette Donaire

Opinions Editor

When thinking about speed dating, what usually comes to your mind? People looking for hookups or individuals just looking for that special someone. Well Chabot’s very own KCRH 89.9 FM radio staff hosted its very first “KUPID SHUFFLE”. Before the event happened I had the privilege to sit down with Lorenzo Caballero (Operation Supervisor) and ask him “what it was that the station was trying to promote?”. Caballero then responded with “We’re are promoting safe sex as well as safe dating tips and even trying to make valentine’s day a fun day for people who might be a little sad”.

This event gave 10 girls and 10 guys the opportunity to get to know one another and see if there was a connection. During the last round each of the participants received a goody bag with both condoms and candy. The way Kupid Shuffle went about was that each couple had about two minutes to get to know each other answering some ice breaker questions before moving on to the next person. While each person was getting to know one another we had DJ Tasi (Program Director) and Jazmine Carter ( KCRH Rookie) both on the mic and playing music. Being a participant in this event I was quite impressed with the different guys I talked too. Each one had a very unique quality that I both liked and then disliked.
KCRH (Music Director), Rolando Recoder was also a participant in this event and as I sat down with him to chat about the speed dating he enlightened me with how he felt about the whole event.   Recoder stated that KCRH “Did a successful job doing this event,  the decorations were very colorful,  the roses were a very nice touch, participating I DID know most of the woman that, but meeting the few that I didn’t know was very pleasant. But I also felt that two minutes wasn’t enough time get to know the person you were with.  I really did enjoy the reactions of the people who read the icebreakers that KCRH made and they were very amusing”.  Shout out to the KCRH staff for putting together a wonderful event. Let’s hope it can become an annual event for students as well as other events that the staff comes up with.

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