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Album Review: Good Kid M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar

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First off, I have been waiting months for this album to arrive. On August 15, during a performance at The Music Box in Los Angeles, legendary rappers Snoop Dogg, Game and Dr.Dre ‘passed the torch’ of West Coast rap to Lamar saying, “You got the torch, you better run with that.” – that’s saying a lot. Many also view Lamar as the future face of hip hop – that’s saying even more. Read the full story

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Wale drops second album “Ambition”

[media-credit name="PHOTO COURTESY OF BOLT.CD" align="aligncenter" width="500"][/media-credit]
The Washington D.C rapper Wale’s second album Ambition, finally dropped November 1, 2011 and it proved to be well worth the wait. Selling more than 162 thousand copies and being No.2 on the Billboard charts, only behind Justin Bieber with more than 213 thousand copies sold. The album includes hit singles such as “Lotus Flower Bomb ft. Miguel,” “Ambition ft. Rick Ross and Meek Millz,” “Chain Music” and “Miami Nights”. Another thing that is really neat about his new album is that the majority of all his tracks are strictly his. There are a few tracks where he does put artists on his tracks. Especially since this is only his second album being done, I find it very shocking that an artist can make that big of a turn around in less than a year. Surprisingly for Wale, many things have changed since the rapper icon dropped his first album. He has signed with the May Bach Music Group, which includes music gurus such as Rick Ross, Meek Millz and Big Sean. He even went on a track and even admitted that his old record label limited him creatively, so he wasn’t able to really express his certain view on things.

“I think Wale’s new album is definitely better than his first one, his beats are a lot more smooth and relaxed, as supposed to other rappers always trying to do too much.” Sophomore Josh Pride told the Spectator. According to This Beat Goes, “Lyrically, Ambition is leagues above his first album, and much closer to the witty and intelligent wordplay that originally set him apart in the crowded mix tape scene. The album is still obviously first and foremost for the mainstream hip-hop audience (as expected with an MMG project), but Wale’s ability to address the usual commercial money and success formula with some impressive mental calisthenics truly set this one apart from a lyrical standpoint.”

With this album you won’t find many “average tracks,” only a guy that can cleverly put words together using only his mind and motivation. Although this album is not a classic, it will force him to continue making music, because his fans will desire more music. This is definitely beneficial to him because he has amazing potential, and this album will help him get to the next level in this industry without a doubt.

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Cole World: The Sideline Story, J. Cole earns No. 1 album in the country

“No pressure, no diamonds,” – Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle; a quote that reflects directly to J. Cole and his debut Studio Album release, Cole World: The Sideline Story. The self-proclaimed Simba of hip-hop brought his emotional, lyrically driven creativity for the world to enjoy on September 27th.

As for great debut albums go, this does not deserve to be placed on the same shelf as those legendary releases (i.e: Ready To Die- Biggie, Illmatic – Nas, The Marshall Mathers LP – Eminem, etc…), but none the less a very good and well put together album. Tupacs debut record wasn’t his most polished work either; he continued to get better and better.

Songs like Mr. Nice Watch and Work Out, my only knocks on the record, seemed like a requirement to include on the album for the sheer purpose of portraying the ‘commercial rap lifestyle’ (as I can describe it), departing from his “I’m one of you guys” persona.

That being said, the Roc Nation-Jay Z protégé has always had his own style of lyricism and technique, rapping from his heart and emotion instead of his salary. Something that has set him apart from his peers so far in his career, and he continues this with songs like: Dollar and a Dream III, Daddy’s Little Girl, and my favorite song on the record: Lost Ones, a story about a Mother-to-be and a young man arguing over the decision of an abortion, which is a perfect example of J. Coles sometimes extreme narrative style.

J. Cole is also fearless in showing his upbringing for the world to see in his song Breakdown; a direct message to his father that was never there and his mother that was addicted to crack. He also tells his own tales of tribulation on becoming a successful musical artist with songs, God’s Gift, Rise and Shine, and Sideline Story – which is an excellent illustration to what the album stands for.

He also brings back works like: In the Morning ft. Drake, and Lights Please. Songs he’s been working on perfecting since his 2009 mixtape release, The Warm Up.

J. Cole’s unique style has never ceased to impress and although this release may not be the classic that many hip-hop fans hoped for, it’s still an outstanding album and a great testament to the person and rapper J. Cole is.

To his fans, Cole is already a star with his lyrical ability and effortless storytelling flow, and with Cole World: The Sideline Story, he looks to jump off the bench and into superstardom – and it just might do it for him.

Cole World: The Sideline Story dropped worldwide Monday, September 27 and the reception has been well received. Do your eardrums a favor and give it a listen.

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Celtic Souls hits US radio stations

CD Review: “The Script” Science and Faith

Before you read any further, I have to admit to my disposition prior to this album review—I knew nothing about the band and wasn’t really feeling the album at first listen. However, during my research I learned more about the band and pieced together their background and song lyrics. The Script’s “Science and Faith” is the band’s second album.

The overall sound of the album is reminiscent of Maroon 5 and Train; the difference is The Script has fewer catchy upbeat songs. This isn’t the type of album you hear in a club; it’s more suited for an easy cruise in your car. Their songs capture everyday struggles with lost love, unemployment and finding hope.

The trio hails from Dublin, Ireland and they view U2, Van Morrison and Timbaland as major influences to their music. It’s been said that The Script has a lot of soul, and they do; they deal with real life situations that the working people can relate to, especially at challenging times. As described on the band website (www.thescriptmusic.com) , “This is a whole new brand of Celtic Soul, blending hip hop lyrical flow with pop melodiousness, state-of-the-art R’n’B production with anthemic rock dynamics, classic song construction with gritty contemporary” .

Their single is currently playing on US radio stations. “For the First Time”, is a taste of the entire album. The lyrics, “Trying to make it work but man these times are hard, She needs me now but I can’t seem to find a time, I’ve get a new job now in the unemployment line, And we don’t know we got into this mess it’s a Gods test, Someone help us cause we’re doing our best” sum up the overall feel and message of the album; Times are hard, but these challenges are a passing storm.

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Chabot’s School Portal

Chabot College, Hayward
Sky is Clear
humidity: 77%
wind: 3mph WSW
H 61 • L 54

Instagram - The Chabot Spectator

Tim Wise, speaks White Privilege in #ChabotCollege Little Theater.
Young adult author Erica Lorraine Scheidt, read from her award nominated book Used of Boys. #ChabotCollege #Library #Books #Author

Photo by: @theworldofours
Shannon Biggs, talks about Fracking in the #ChabotCollege library. #fracking #environment 
Photo by: @theworldofours
#chabotcollege holds it's annual Denim Day Event raising the awareness of sexual assault. #denim #awareness 
Photo by: @theworldofours
Sitting with Dr. Stacy Thompson VP of Academic Services of #chabotcollege in Building 200, on April 9, 2014.

Photo by: @theworldofours
Victory, the Chabot Gladiators tennis fought In the heat to beat American River college 5-4 on Tuesday, April. 8, 2014 at Hayward, Calif. The win over ARC helped the  Chabot tennis team move on to the next round of the playoffs where they will face the undefeated Foothill Owls. (David Soriano/ChabotSpectator/Athletics) #Chabot #tennis #win #winning
#chabotspectator #JACC2014 That's what counts...
LA Deputy, Hill Goedwart and his horse, Shooter, talked about his 19-year career in law enforcement. #RAW #JACC #horses

Photo Credit: @theworldofours
Kemba Smith, spoke with #ChabotCollege students in Building 700 about domestic violence on March 27, 2014. [photo credit: @theworldofours ]
A Day of Action Against Modern Day Slavery with guest speaker Angela Irizarry, at Chabot College in room 2611 on Mar. 25, 2014. #chabotcollege
Donald Pearson seen here took 6th overall at the Sacramento State Hornet Invitational for the long jump with a distance of 6.89m on Mar. 22, 2014, Sacramento CA. Pearson jumped against 30 other athletes that include a few NCAA D1 athletes. Photo by David Soriano @runthatdistancetf
Daniel Estrada of Chabot (8) outkicks the field with a time of 1:58.75 during the Hornet Invitational on Mar. 22, 2014 at Sacramento State. Estrada is the first Gladiator to break the 2:00 mark this year, just 3 weeks ago his personal best was a 2:10!! #tracknation #chabog #track
Choral spring concert as they sing The Terrible Tale of Tom Gilligan at bldg. 1200 on Mar. 20, 2014.
#ChabotCollege Tell'em~! @ the chabot spring choral concert!
It was the 47th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival Preview Day today at the Peace Plaza in San Francisco's Japantown on Saturday, Mar. 15, 2014.  The candidates for the 2014 Cherry Blossom Queen's Court was introduced to the press.  Shimaoka Kazusa-Kai
San Francisco Koto Ensemble were among one of the performers who entertained attendees at the Cherry Blossom Festival Preview Day.
(Tammy Lee/Staff Photos)
FINAL. Chabot's season comes to an end with loss to SBVC in the Final Four. 78-68. Still doesn't erase the fantastic season our Gladiators had. Chabot finishes the year with a 25-8 record.
HALFTIME here in Norwalk! San Bernardino Valley leads Chabot 35-34. Cortez Bad News Barrett leads the Gladiators in scoring with 12 points. Second half coming up in 11 minutes! #chabot #sbvc #socal #cccaa #bayarea #basketball #ncaa #marchmadness #college
We're about to get started here in Norwalk! Chabot vs. San Bernardino with a chance to play Santa Rosa City College in the CCCAA State Championship game! To watch, tune into cccaasports.org at 7pm! Let's go Chabot! #Chabot #Gladiators #Bayarea #Basketball #CCCAA #SanBernardino #Hayward #CCvsSBVC

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April 14 - 19
SPRING BREAK (CAMPUS CLOSED - No Instruction, No Saturday Classes)

April 22
12th Annual Return of the Swallows Festival
Cesar A Chavez Plaza Chabot College 11AM - 1PM

April 24
Change It Now! presents Social Justice in Action: A Panel Discussion on Careers That Make a Difference! 12 - 1PM in Room 722 (The Event Center).

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